Thành phố Sydney, Australia

Australia is one of the attractive destinations for tourists around the world because of the beauty of the natural landscape as well as modern architecture and culture through thousands of years.

Possessing the largest number of islands in the world, flawless flora and fauna ecosystem, majestic nature and the most modern education in the world are the reasons that make this place an attractive "hot spot”.

However, the more developed countries are, the harder it is to apply for a visas. In addition, some Australian countries, typically Australia and New Zealand, often change in visa policies that require certain knowledge if want to enter the country.

At Nhat Nga, we always understand:

- The students' dream of "conquering the future - touching the desires"

- Dream of "reaching out to sea" of businesses

- The journey to conquer yourself of the community of travel enthusiasts.

- A burning desire to meet relatives, ...

So, let us assist you especially in difficult cases such as:

- You are going to Europe for the first time

- Finance is not strong enough, there are not many assets and savings

- Have failed to apply visa many times

- Apply for a visa for the whole family or children and the elderly

- Your hometown is not in the major provinces and cities





1 Australia Visa 4 weeks 3 month 1 entry

250 USD

Full pack-service

Customer don’t have to pay any extra fee

2 Visa New Zealand 3 – 5 weeks Depend on the case

290 USD

Full pack-service

Customer don’t have to pay any extra fee


Please select the country you would like to make VISA

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