There are 2 popular methosd to apply Vietnamese visa :

Method 1: Submit documents for applying visa at Vietnam Embassy/Consulate in your countries. However, this takes time and the procedure is complicated.

Method 2: Submit documents for applying visa through Nhat Nga company, a professional company for applying Vietnamese visa. Nhat Nga company will sends you approval letter issued by the Immigration Department of Vietnam, and you will get your visa at international airports, roard border check points of Vietnam or Vietnam Embassy/Consulates in your countries.


Guidance to prepare documents for approval letter

– Business registration
– N2 form
– Certificate of signature and stamp
– Working schedule

You can directly contact us or by sending information via the contact form of our company to get form N2 and application of registration

Vietnamese visa extension

The foreigners who are temporily residing in Vietnam would like to stay longer for traveling, visiting relatives and working, need to extend the visa before its expiration. The extended visa is valid from 01 or 12 months and single or multiple.

For consultant and solving the issues of visa in a compact and prompt way, please kindly contact Nhat Nga company.


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