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- The tourists will take the plane from Vietnam to Bangkok, visit and enjoy the wonderful things of Bangkok city in the night.

- On the following day, you will take the early plane from Bangkok to Bhutan – a Buddhist land attached to the legend of Thunder Dragon. A tour bus and a local guide will pick up the tourists at the airport.

- The tourists will visit Tachogang Lhakhang temple located on a mountain along Paro National – Thimphu Road. This temple was built in the 14th century by Sir Thangtong Gyalpo, a great monk who built 108 iron bridges all over Tay Tang and Bhutan.

- The tourists check in hotel, have lunch and take a rest.

- The tourists visit the center of Thimphu – a place with a sole and original traffic light post of Bhutan.

- The tourists visit Thimphu Chorten – a commemoration zone for the King III – Father of modern Bhuta, reigning from 1952 – 1972.

- Visit Tashichho Dzong Abbey (also known as Thimphu Dzong) built in 1641 by Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel and restructured as it is seen today by King Jigme Dorji Wangchuck from 1962 – 1969. At here, there is a room in which the king’s throne is placed and a central headquarters of monk congregation.

- The tourists have dinner and spend the night in Thimphu.



- In the morning, the tourists visit Thimphu capital:

*  Visit homage at Buddha Point (Kuensel Prodrang) with the 51.5m gold-plated bronze Sakyamuni statue of Buddha at the mountain peak. From here, we can watch the wonderful landscape of the whole Thimphu valley.

* Visit School of Arts and Crafts Institute of Zorig Chusum, a place of preservation and teaching 13 traditional business lines of Bhutan.

* Visit Takin Reserve (Takin preserve center, the home of Bhutan’s national animal). Takin is a strange-form animal: body of a bull, head of a goat. The Bhutan people believe that this animal is created by the Right Lama Drukpa Kuenley (also called divine madman).

- Return to the center of Thimphu, have meal, take a rest.

- In the afternoon, the tourists will visit Thimphu post office at which the tourists can make a stamp on their own styles by themselves.

- The tourists will go walking around the streets, watch archery – a traditional sport of Bhutan, especially we will watch a performance of Bhutan men who wear colorful clothes and both do archery and sing with dancing, which is extremely interesting.

- The tourists have dinner and spend night in Thimphu.



-   In the morning, the tourists depart towards the south of Thimphu valley, go on Dochula Pass (3.088m) to arrive in Punakha. If the sky is clear, we can see superb Himalaya mountain chain  and Gasa Dzong fort like a white spot in the horizon.

- The tourists have a break on the pass, then continue going to Punakha, an ancient capital of Bhutan and now a winter-vacation place of the leadership of monk congregation.

- After lunch, the tourists visit Metshina royal tomb and walk about 20 minutes through the rice field to arrive at Chimi Lhakhang temple – also called a temple of Devine Madman or Lama Drukpa Kuenley. The local people consider it as a lingaism temple with supernatural power and believe that the childless couples that come to here to pray will have baby soon.

- In the afternoon, the tourists continue visiting Punakha Dzong fort, one of the most beautiful forts of Bhutan, at the conjunction of two rivers Pho Chu (Male river) and Mo Chu (Female river). The fort was built from 1637. This place was the headquarters of Bhutan government until the middle of 20th century.

- The tourists spend night in Punakha.



- In the morning, the tourists check out and return to Thimphu, go on Dochula Pass on which there are 108 chorten (towers) built by Qeen Ashi Dorji Wangmo as a gift to her king.

- The tourists stop at Thimphu, have lunch, then continue traveling to Paro.

- Arriving in Paro, the tourists visit the National Museum inside Taa Dzong fort, a place is considered as a collection of the typical handicraft products and a variety of cultural heritages of Bhutan Kingdom.

- On the home way, the tourists visit Kichu Lhakhang – the most age-old temple of Bhutan. The structure of this temple is the harmonious and original combination of two “twin” temples. One temple was built by Sir Songtsen Gampo (Tung Tan Cuong Bo King of Tay Tang who was the Right Tang King having the most supernatural Jokhang temple built in Tay Tang and Potala parliament in Lhasa capital city with many generations of Dalai Lama) – built in the 7th century, the other one was built by the Queen of Bhutan in 1968.

- The tourists have dinner at hotel and have a rest, ready for a mountain climbing   on the following day.



- The tourists visit Taktsang Abbey (Tiger’s Nest) – the most famous abbey of Bhutan.

- This is an extremely beautiful abbey, at the height of 3200m and at the high and dangerous location on the 1000m abrupt cliff on Paro valley. To legend, Sir Guru Rinpoche (a spiritual leader of the faithful of Bhutan Buddhism) rode a tiger flying to a cave – now known as Taktsang Abbey for religious contemplation.

- The way to the Abbey has the immense pine forest with a lot of colorful vertical flags containing prayers and magic words, which is a typical feature of Mat Tong Tay Tang abbeys. On some days, the whole Paro Taktsang abbey and Taktsang Mountain will be sunk in masses of cloud, bringing about a quiet and marvelous space, making the tourists have feeling of being lost in an inscrutable world.

- Around 3:00 pm, the tourists will come back to the center of Paro, free to go walking, shopping for souvenirs.

- After that, returning to the hotel to have a leave party and spend night in Paro.



 - After breakfast, the tourists will depart to go to airport to Bangkok.

 - The tourists take the plane from Bangkok to Vietnam.





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