In order to support Customers to reach products and services of  Nhat Nga Trading & Services Co., Ltd. Besides promotion programs on holidays and Tet, the Company also applies the general promotion policy for Customers when using the Company's services as follow:

1. Translation:

       *  Discount on the quantity of translations for 1 time of using service, specifically:

             -  5% of unit price for 20-30 pages

             -  7% of unit price for 31-50 pages

             -  10% of unit price for 51 and up

     *    100% free of charge of documents delivery for a transaction of VND 1.000.000/ time


 2. Tours, Visa, APEC card, Work permit, Temporary residence card, Change of international driving license, home parties:

     * Discount 10% on quantity of 5 and up

     * Discount 10% for Customers who use the Company's services next time

     * The person who introduces the Company's services will be entitled to bonus or discount (if using the Company's services):

        + 5% for the first use of the Company's services,


Tour: Join the "Lucky draw"

                   + Handbook

                   + Leather cover for passport

                   + Cash card of VND 500.000

                  And a chance to win BIG: You will receive 1 number including 6 digits. If this number is the same as special, the first, second and third lottery results of the same day, You will win:

                   + First place: VND 5.000.000

                   + Second place:  VND 3.000.000

                   + Third place:    VND 1.000.000

                   + Special place: VESPA 946 (about VND 400.000.000)

Tour : Ms Nga -(+84) 28 6681 7653